Llagar Herminio is a very know and prestigious sidreria-restaurant in whole Asturias, it can´t be better located, it is at 4 Km. (2.49 miles) from Oviedo (See map), it can´t be better located and with an easy access by public transportation and if we added a totally renewed facilities and appropiated for any celebration, such in its sidreria-restaurant, with a capacity of 160 people, 15 m. (49.21 feet) bar, shellfish, as in the salon, at the upper floor, for 250 people or 400 people if you make a espicha (traditional asturian celebration).

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At the sidreria you can try the different ciders produced in their own cider cellar, placed downstairs, you may also try traditional asturian dishes. The facilities can also count with a great parking.

Fotos de la sidrería