• Visual stage: straw-coloured yellow with shades of green, fine body.
  • Sense of smell stage: fruity and intense scent reminding you the raw materials which it was produced, together they create a perfect balance.
  • Taste stage: at first mild acidity that comes from several acid apples included in D.O.P. and cultivated in our region, complex flavour, finishing in a fine astringent.

It´s a cider with a bouquet and flavour intense.

Advice to drink

Escanciar sidra (to pour out cider as a traditional asturian way), in a big glass, wide and thin.

It recommends to serve at 12ºC to 14ºC (53.6 F to 57.2 F).

Cardboard box of 12 bottles (0.70 l. or 1.23 U.K. pints)
Cardboard box of 6 bottles (0.70 l. or 1.23 U.K. pints)s
Cardboard box of 2 bottles (0.70 l. or 1.23 U.K. pints) and an original cider glass.
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