Llagar Herminio was founded by Mr. Herminio Alonso Buznego in 1943 with our brand name in Colloto, which is a traditional cider town in Asturias.
In 1949 Llagar Herminio moves to the place that nowadays is using Llagar Herminio S.L., situated in Camino Real 11th., Colloto, since then and until today, it has benn a constant evolution a a good deeds of a cider producers family, keeping the traditional with the modern way.
The second cider producers generation, Mr. Herminio and Mr. José Luis Alonso Ojeda, begins in 1996, an ambitious project with a reform and an enlargement of our building, such as the Sidreria-Restaurant as the "llagar" (place where we produce cider). This year we increase the production capacity and updating machinery, we also build a second floor at the restaurant and a parking, improving the facilities.
Fachada actual
Today Lagar Herminio S.L. stills growing up and keeping the meanings since 1943.
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